Sugar, is it the culprit?

I had a wonderful time this weekend. We had our much loved neighbors up for a lovely dinner and another dear friend made the journey over from Colmar to join us. We enjoyed wonderful food, good wine and sugar. The next day I woke up to a tight chest. My bronchitis seemed to have returned, with a vengeance. I did all the things I could to help it out, the steam treatments, the herbal tea and the Clear Lungs. The next day, yesterday I woke up to nausea again. Total rebellion from my body and hives. I realized that this is not just another case of stomach flu, or whatever else I could blame it on. I am convinced with this recurring scenario that something is rotten in Denmark. 

This week is the Glowing Skin Summit. Something I have been waiting for and excited to watch. It involves five guest speakers each day talking on the topic of healthy skin. I am deeply interested in the subject and so even though I am feeling quite ill this week it has been playing in the background each day. So yesterday when I was feeling my worst, after I discovered the hives all over me and was just feeling really down, I was listening to this woman talk on one of the videos. But she wasn't really talking about skin, she was talking about headaches and hives and nausea. Everything I have been suffering from. In fact she sounded like she was talking about me. That's when I realized, my body is reacting to the food I put in it this weekend! It really makes perfect sense. Each time I let myself slip I end up sick. Each time it seems a bit more aggressive. My immune system seems to be at a complete low. I had four rounds of antibiotics in October and November. I am starting to have recurring bronchitis, something I haven't had problems with in years. This woman talked of candida and how sugar feeds it. How rounds of antibiotics encourage it. I will spare you all the gruesome details but it is true that my reactions to antibiotics have become quite severe.

The pieces are starting to come together.
So I have decided to go on an elimination diet and see if my symptoms clear up. I am already pretty strict with what I eat so it shouldn't be too hard. I am interested to see if this will yield good results. I know I am tired of this never ending 'Ring around the Rosy'. I will let you all know how it turns out.

In the meantime, I am down this week. Lots of sleep and a little cross stitch is about all I am up to. I have several projects that I wanted to finish up and show you but I finally realized that they are not going to happen. I have to let myself heal and stop stressing about the things that are undone. There will be time for that later.
So I leave you with a photo, an update on my cross stitch. It won't be long till she is finished!

I hope you are well!
2 comments on "Sugar, is it the culprit?"
  1. In the seventies sugar was referred to as "white death" and blamed for many maladies. These days heart disease is attributed to sugar, and not fats. And Alzheimer's is also blamed on sugar (Type III diabetes is the new term for it).
    Sorry you had such a bad reaction to it. But it's also good to know how your body reacts to it.
    Be well.

    1. Thank you Lise, still not sure what the culprit was. I have almost completely cut sugar out of my diet for awhile but occasionally imbibe. I am still very ill and it seems to be much more than sugar. I am beginning an elimination diet this week as soon as I can get to the store and stock up on things I will need. I have had three bouts of hives this week! Hopefully I will be back on my feet this coming week, right now I am just sleeping a lot LOL