A New Adventure


  As many of you know, I have been down ill for a month and a half. One afternoon feeling a tickle in my nose blossomed into a full fledged bronchial attack with all it's complications. After three (really four)antibiotic treatments, allergic reactions to two and many side effects I am slowly coming back to myself. It's amazing the difference you can feel in such a short period of time. I spent weeks in a brain fog where i couldn't even put 2 and 2 together! I am working hard on regaining my health and getting back on track.

    Before my illness I had been working hard at restructuring my business. Throwing out old ideas that weren't working and concentrating on the ones that have. I got so lost in my dye shop, working all the time to make ribbons and threads and fabric, that I stopped creating my own things almost completely.

   One thing that I have been struggling with for awhile is the fact that my sewing machine just isn't able to function as I want it, so way too often I find myself putting projects on the back burner because they require some machine sewing to finish them. I have MANY unfinished projects because of this. The fact is that I am quite accomplished at sewing and made many of my own and my kids clothes and other things when I lived in the US. Leaving my trusted old Kenmore and my industrial machines behind was a difficult thing to do. I did bring my Juki serger with me but that is only half of what is needed.  I have a lot of things I want to make for my new house and find myself reluctant to even try with my basic machine. So my sweetheart has agreed that it's time for me to get a nice new sewing machine. I am so excited I feel like a kid. I picked a beautiful husqvarna opal 670 machine and now I impatiently await it's arrival. Now I will be able to sew my silk velvet with a little more ease ( I know this fabric is never EASY to sew). So I have many plans to fill up my shop with goodies made on my new machine, of course with added hand stitched embellishments.

     One of the items I have always really loved making is my tarot and treasure bags. They are so beautiful made from the velvet with my hand tied tassels and embroidered fronts but over and over I would find myself reluctant to make them because everything had to be hand stitched, even the construction of the bags. My machine simply wasn't up to the task, even after I bought a walking foot. Now I plan on bringing them back.

   SO keep your eyes open for new goodies coming your way. I know my interests seem to wander all over the place but I think that in time it can make my shop an interesting place to go and see what is coming from these rainbow fingers that day....


1 comment on "A New Adventure"
  1. Love the little tarot bag!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your new creations!