The Dreaded Scourge

Last time I talked to you I was happily plugging away, making all kinds of pretties and just generally being happy. Setting up my studio, unpacking boxes I haven't opened in a year and really enjoying seeing my studio come together.
Since then it has been anything but! I have been down now for over two weeks with a terrible nose running, throat burning, lung congesting, head pounding, stomach plummeting flu. UGH!
But...I am recovering, hooray!
The last few days I have been waking up with less and less congestion and not as many head spinning headaches. I may survive after all :)

So since I have been feeling so under the weather, I have been working on something that doesn't require me to be in the best of health. Actually it was a good thing because I have been dragging along, putting this off for way too much time. I have spent the last several days going through inventory of my UNLISTED items. What I found is staggering. Since I have opened all these boxes that were packed away in storage awaiting my studio, I have found so many items I completed right before we did our big move. Piles of ribbons, boxes of fabric. I am seriously amazed at how much I have here that hasn't seen the light of day for awhile. I took a look in my shop and realized it was almost empty! So I have been cataloging, photographing and generally organizing all of this mess. I have already filled my ribbon drawer back up with freshly wrapped and photographed silk ribbons in a huge variety of colors...and they are actually listed now (well at least most of them)! Next I will tackle the fabric, which I have two boxes to go through.

SO...I am putting off my dyeing for at least another week. I know people are waiting for pastel rainbow floss and I really need to dye some. I have a nice big pile of white floss all wrapped and waiting for dye. I need to figure out what I have here first before I add more to the pile though. I have a hank of silk velvet i was going to dye and more ribbons but I dont want to dye more until I know for sure what I have. This is a hard decision for me because I feel really pressed to make the floss but I don't want to mix a lot of dye until I am ready to make everything.

And all this means I will be unpacking a few more boxes today and discovering just what I have here. The good news is, this is almost the last of the boxes. My studio is really starting to look like a studio and I am finally feeling almost settled. The flu knocked me off course for a few weeks but I am almost there! I can't begin to express how much better I am feeling than I was two months ago. I have a completed living room, I am not trying to work in a tiny corner of my bedroom AND I have all my WIP's  pinned to my board in MY studio where I can look at them. I needed this so much. Stay tuned for much to come!

1 comment on "The Dreaded Scourge"
  1. So glad to hear you are feeling better, Diane. I will have to check out the shop again because I could do with some more ribbon!