Where did the time go?

Wow I can't believe I haven't written in my blog in three months! How did that happen? I thought I made posts...did the internet eat them?

I think maybe I am unconsciously avoiding this blog. It needs a complete overhaul and I really need to do that soon.

Anyway. I have been busy. I spent the Christmas season cross stitching away. I made several things:

A few Christmas ornaments,

A bookmark

And I started on a few more that I didn't finish.  Though I do plan on it!

It was fun and it got me back into using a needle. I have done so little with hand sewing since my eye got the bubbles behind the retina. It has been long enough now though that I am starting to relax and trust my eyes again.

Good thing because in January I was commissioned to make a copy of my Mermaid Bag.

Now normally I would balk at recreating such an involved piece but I really loved making that piece. It isn't in my normal style but it is in a style that I love.

I want to do more things like this and I thought it would be perfect to play with that now so I did. I just finished it and I am so happy with it! I really, really do love to stitch, almost more than anything else I think (except perhaps putting a pencil to paper)

So here is the finished second bag. I think it is quite close to the original. What do you think?


2 comments on "Where did the time go?"
  1. Welcome back. The new bag is almost identical to the previous one and I love them both. You do beautiful work lady. Cathy

  2. Thanks Cathy, it was tricky but a fun challenge!