Winter Flowers

Outside here it is a winter wonderland. So freezy cold and nice fluffy snow everywhere.
Inside is another story though. I was marvelling at my pretty flowers today

The fuchsia is just blooming away, bringing such bright and cheery color to the room.

The rose has a bud on it! I know this is a bad photo but you can still see it there. Soon I will have a rose too!

Even the rosemary is blooming

But what was the most surprising was this: Under my plant table was the pot with the hyacinth bulbs. I didn't even realize we had brought it in, since it is supposed to be hibernating. Look what has happened...fat little blooms nestled inside of those leaves, I do hope they pop out of there. The smell coming from inside there is heavenly though. What a treat!
3 comments on "Winter Flowers"
  1. Wonderful to have flowers inside. Cute, those Hyacinthes! I'm just trying to revive our oleander.

  2. I read a number of blogs and it is amazing how all around the world we have a number of confused plants. My neighbour has a lovely magnolia that normally blooms in spring and then has gorgeous green leaves. This year it has bloomed at least 3 times and the leaves are only just appearing (I am in Australia). I love your fuschia, reminds me of my mother, no longer with us.

  3. freezing outside here too :/ ice everywhere

    the fuschia inside has grown a lot of inches the last few weeks, no flowers tho.