There Be Bears Everywhere!

Once again I get caught up in the flurry and rush of daily life (and Christmas festivities) and find myself neglecting this blog. If I make any resolutions at all this year it will be to get better at posting here. It's not like I have a lack of things to post about. I have been very busy!

Today's post I wanted to show you a bit of the decorations in downtown Strasbourg for the holidays. It was a very beautiful and I really enjoyed going there. We made several visits the last few weeks. One thing I noticed that i just really loved is their use of polar bears in their christmas decorations. It is very popular here and I think the effect is adorable!

There were trees and banners everywhere

and lots of windows to peek into

carousels and Christmas booths galore.

Strasbourg is truly a wonderful city to visit. I also did a post over on the Handmade in Europe Guild blog about my visit to the Strasbourg Christmas Market. Lots of pictures of their wonderful wares. It was such a fun visit! Be sure and drop over there and check them out.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and I am wishing everyone a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

Much Love, Diane
4 comments on "There Be Bears Everywhere!"
  1. I soooooooooooooo wish I was THERE instead of HERE...with all the gloom and fog!

    Have a happy and prosperous new year yourself! :-)

    x Chris

  2. What a romantic place. Just saw the pictures on the other blog -- lovely! One of the best Christmas markets, I guess.
    You don't have snow at all, it seems -- you are lucky. We have such a cold winter again, -8° C most of the time and below that during the nights.

  3. I did not look closely. Enough snow!

  4. Thank you Chris! I wish you were here too! Thanks so much for the wonderful card I have been meaning to write you..I am slow :(
    Eve, yes it is quite a lovely Chrisstmass Market although I hafe heard Colmar has the best one.
    The first pics were taken before the snow but the last pic was taken after it dumped on us. We got well over 30 cm of snow the day before christmas and more christmas day and still more after. It is all still here. So yes...LOTS of snow LOL