The Northern Winds Blow

I bought a winter coat last month. I havent really had one since I came here. Mainly relying on my lovely wool cape and a jacket underneath. I found something in the style I wanted and a price I could afford but it wasn't very warm. I decided that instead of continuing to search for another coat that I liked that I would buy this one and add some extra lining. After all, I have tons of old sweatshirts and such in the studio just waiting to be used for something useful. So I spent a few evenings this week working on my coat. I cut up a nice thick sweatshirt and pined it to the inside of my coat and then took bits from another sweatshirt to fill in the blanks. I stitched it all in by hand and found it very enjoyable. I know I could have just taken the satin lining out and apart and made new pieces to sew togethr on the machine and then slapped it back in. It would have worked but would I have had the satisfaction I got from this project? I dont think so. I just enjoy the neat stitches, the way it all joins together and knowing the job is well done. Will anyone ever see it now? No. But I know its there :)
4 comments on "The Northern Winds Blow"
  1. Your new coat is really unique! I flatter your patience to sew everything by hand :)

  2. How clever! Hand stitching is very satisfying. I'll bet it is so cozy.

  3. ...and now WE all know, heehee! What a great idea, now your coat is uniquely yours.

  4. A great idea! Will we see a full length picture? With you as the model, hopefully?


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