Experiments in Shibori Velvet

The idea of doing shibori with velvet has been a bit of a worrisome thing for me. I have found little information about it and was so afraid I would set so many wrinkles into the fabric that it would be ruined. The nap of velvet can be so touchy. I wanted to try it so much though that I decided to throw cautioin to the wind and just try it. After all, what could happen? A half a yard of velvet and a bit of time wasted, thats it.

So I did it, and let me tell you, the results were splendid indeed. I did one piece with clamps and the other with several traditional methods of shibori tyeing. Both worked wonderfully with the only problem at all being a few very small holes at the points of a few of the paisleys. I think the string I used was a little too heavy for the work. I have heard ribbon dental floss is an excellent item to use for this so my next experiments I will be using it.

This is a very time consuming craft, but one with such beautiful results that I think it well may be worth it.

I have been busy with several other projects this week also. I will try to post some pics about them later. Have a great weekend!
6 comments on "Experiments in Shibori Velvet"
  1. The velvet turned out great! Glad you tried it, even though you wen't sure how it would turn out.

  2. The glow of these colors could hardly be reached with any other fabric, I guess.

  3. Thank you all so much, it is a truly splendid cloth to work with!

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