Paisley Belt

Thanks Everyone for your comments on the Paisley Disaster. I am so glad you like the new background and I certainly agree with you all, it does look much better on the dark velvet. I spent last evening finishing up the black outline and I'm working now on finishing up the last few paisleys on it. I cant believe I am almost done with it! I will post pictures as soon as it is finished.

In the meantime I wanted to post some pics of the finished parts of the pailey belt. All embroidery, beading and edging is finished on the main parts and now I need to design a piece for each end and deicede how I want it to fasten...I am having a hard time making up my mind on that one. I thought maybe two leaf shapes. Any inspiring ideas out there?

7 comments on "Paisley Belt"
  1. Is this gorgeous or what?!?!?!?!
    Truly a Piece of Art.
    Just Great !

  2. Living up to those HIgh expectations Daddy installed in us!
    It is so wonderfully wrought, and so pleases me to see your work going on....Bring me back Diane Lynette =)

  3. This will raise a lot of attention and admiration, I'm sure. Fantastic!

  4. how wild! what lovely colors and designs!

  5. These pieces, like the "paisley disaster", and this belt are worth more than money can say! You are more than accomplished in your works of art, and I am so proud of you! <3
    BTW, who is Anonymous II? Cathy Sue??

  6. I came back...was it me =)