Return to dyeing

So I am back at the dye table. I have done several pieces this week. I thought I had everything organized till I started working, and then I couldn't seem to find a thing! Everything is still very disorganized in my studio as I had to steal all the shelves that go in that room for other rooms. This place is sadly lacking for storage space ANYWHERE! I made shelves from cardboard boxes to store things in till we come up with another solution. Thankfully I was able to find everything I needed and get on to work eventually.

I am trying out several new things. I already posted photos of a shibori piece I have in the works (it is washing as I type) but I wanted to show you some pics today of something completely different I did this week. This is two sets of silks I dyed to match. A piece of silk charmeuse, one of silk gauze and a nice length of 2mm silk ribbon. Aren't they gorgeous? I am working on a few imagination packs and I think some of these might find their way in there ;)

I will try to post a pic of the shibori tomorrow. Until then you all take care and I hope you have a creative week!
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