Rethinking the Pantry

   I have been busy this week working on my kitchen with all it lacks. I have come up with a great new project that I think will help a lot with the storage problem I am having. Earlier this week I gave you a peek at what I am dealing with in my post Kitchen Woes. Since then I have come up with a great strategy for dealing with a lot of these problems. My first problem will be to tackle the overflowing pantry problem.

       I have this huge pile of jars in the garage, I have been meaning to take them back to the bio store but they have piled up instead. Having to haul things down a mountain road by hand tends to make said tasks not get taken care of as often! In the end this was a good thing though because as I stood there staring at that pile I had a light bulb moment. Here I have all these matching jars, they are a good size so perfect for storing things in. Why not put them to good use? And so I am!

          First off I knew I didn't want to take time to design my own labels. I can, I was trained as a graphics artist. But I am still shaky with my photoshop and need to take the time to know the program better. (there was no such thing as photoshop when I learned paste up and layout)  So I was surfing around on the internet, looking at examples and trying to find a style that I liked, when I stumbled upon this woman's wonderful site, Lia Griffith. She has all kinds of wonderful ideas floating around over there and she has these...

I just love them! They are perfect for what I have in mind so I immediately downloaded them to put on my jars. I am so grateful for her offering these free on her site. They really are exactly what I wanted.

So I printed them out and washed a small mountain of jars and started mounting the stickers. I have these printed on shiny stickers so they will wipe clean easy. Now I am sure they wouldn't hold up to any soak in a sink but they are storage jars that should only need an occasional wipe down. I made a simple guide for mounting them so they would all be the same height. I simply cut a strip of card stock the height of where I wanted the bottom of the sticker to go and taped it so it fit around the jar. Then I just put a jar into the ring and mounted the sticker. Easy-peasy and all the same height!

So the first step of my project is completed although I do lack a few jars, guess I better get to eating more yogurt quickly! Stay tuned and I will show you my next step soon.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Friday. The weekend is finally here.

I wish you all a sunny one! Diane

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13 comments on "Rethinking the Pantry"
  1. Wow, I love those labels - they are going to look so cool when you get done! Cathy

  2. You've given me some much-needed inspiration to attack our pantry closet. Every time I open it up, something falls on my head! No one else seems to care, but I do and it's driving me nuts! Love those labels, they look almost like chalkboards (one of my obsessions!) Have a great weekend.

  3. Cathy~I hope so!
    Kathleen~ I believe the name of these is chalkboard pantry labels so I guess they suit their name :) My pantry is a big old storage shelf, that's it. I can never find anything. Nothing fits on it and it's driving me CRAZY. Every time I cook you can hear me in there grumbling cause I can't find something!

  4. I have organization envy! Those labels are so perfect! Your pantry is going to look like a magazine!

  5. Thank you Jenna, I do love them. I wish I had an actual pantry instead of just a shelf in the corner that I call a pantry but I do plan on mixing it up a bit :D

  6. This is such a wonderful way to get organized and have something pretty to look at at the same time.

  7. Thanks Bethany, I think so too. I am quite excited to get this done. I am already loving how it is turning out :)

  8. Thank you for the inspiration! The labels are so lovely!Greets!Storage Malden Rushett Ltd.

  9. Yes Cara, she makes wonderful labels doesn't she? I hope to someday get a bit better with my photoshop so I can start designing such beauties :)

  10. OMG, those are so pretty! I'm going to have to check those out and download them. I try to stay organized, but my pantry always ends up with stuff being shoved in wherever I can find a place. These are just lovely!

  11. I know! I fell in love with them the minute I saws them and she has so many other pretty things there. Really wonderful stuff :)

  12. I love this idea...so pretty I really need something like this in my pantry...Thank you so much for sharing at Share it One More Time... Tammy

  13. Thanks Tammy, I am really happy with how it is turning out. The difference between this and the hodge podge I had on that old shelf before is night and day!


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