A Day Trip to Colmar

   Hello Everybody, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It was a bit cold and gray here but today made up for that with clear blue skies and lots of sun. We took a trip over to the valley next to ours...the Munster valley and I will show you pictures of our trip soon enough but I promised you I would show you a bit of Colmar first.

This is on the way home from Colmar as I forgot to snap one on the way there.
           Colmar is the nearest 'city' to us. It is down the valley and past kaysersberg and then across the plain of sweeping vineyards. It is much more modern than the quaint little villages that surround me in my chalet but it also has a heart of gorgeous old Alsatian buildings that would rival any others around.
 It boasts one of the nicest Christmas markets in the area, close to the one in Strasbourg and it is just beautiful to visit that time of year. I love going to Colmar and wandering around in the old town area, lots of winding little streets with a myriad of shops,

Carousel ~ Colmar ~ Making on the Mountain ~ cymberrain

 a beautiful park with a carousel and a creperie.

We stopped first for lunch at a tiny place right at the beginning of old town. 

Cafe ~ Colmar ~ Making on the Mountain ~ cymberrain

Good Tarte Flambe and of course a nice Alsatian beer

Alsatian Beer~ Colmar ~ Making on the Mountain ~ cymberrain  
              We came to Colmar this particular day to attend the flea market they have each Friday. Rye was intent on finding himself  a real souvenir of France and not some tacky plastic thing in a shop. And yes, there are tacky souvenir shops here but I'm not really sure what they sell in there, I never bothered to go in one.

La Place des Dominicans ~ Colmar ~ Making on the Mountain ~ cymberrain
                              The flea market is at La Place Des Dominicans every Friday, which is the site of an old Dominican church.

Flea Market ~ Colmar ~ Making on the Mountain ~ cymberrain

There were quite a few tables scattered along the plaza.

Flea Market ~ Colmar ~ Making on the Mountain ~ cymberrain
  He managed to find the perfect thing, an old skeleton key as big as his hand. He is quite happy about his find though he saw many other things he wanted. I found a nice big bag of old red glass beads that I have slotted for Christmas ornaments and this great Alsatian fabric with hearts on it. (the heart theme is big here)
Red beads and Fabric ~ Colmar ~ Making on the Mountain ~ cymberrain

Afterwards we wandered down through the Place de La Cathedrale, 

La Cathedrale ~ Colmar ~ Making on the Mountain ~ cymberrain
there were lots of tiny shops we wandered into along the way till finally collapsing in a tiny bar near the train station to wait for Frenchie to arrive

Alsacian Beer ~ Colmar ~ Making on the Mountain ~ cymberrain

It was fun and I will definitely go back to the flea market again!

 La Sommeliere ~ Colmar ~ France ~ Making on the Mountain ~ cymberrain

 Hope you enjoyed another little slice of France. I love it here and never tire of looking at the beautiful scenery.
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