Now That the Boxes Are Finally Unpacked

..not really. That was just wishful thinking. Though yes, the house is beginning to come into some kind of order. The rooms are different and full of lots of furniture from the previous owners. We have been playing a shuffle game that is slowly sending things up into the attic bedroom to be stored in the storage room back behind it eventually. The room that is to be my studio is a fright. Boxes and odd pieces of furniture stacked in piles taking up most of the room....except the small area where the leak was discovered and the wall was torn apart to discover the source. I don't see me getting into that room any time soon.
My hands are full with everything here. Rooms that need to be organized, garden areas that need to be prepared, just the basic everyday tasks are monumental here at times (we still dont have the washer hooked up, no oven or dishwasher) And yet, despite all this. my fingers itch to create again. All my supplies are packed away somewhere in that huge pile in the studio. SO...I have decided to make some rag rugs. My floors are cold. I need rugs and really I WANT rag rugs. I love their look, their cozy feel they put to a room. So I must make a loom. I think it can be relatively easy. I looked at a few in videos on youtube and on websites. I really love the ones that use a nice thin bar along the edge that they wrap the strips of cloth around as they weave so you dont get the hourglass shape when you are finished. How clever! So this is my next task, to convince Frenchie to take me to the hardware store to buy the supplies I need to make a loom and then I will have something to satisfy my creative itch! And if any of you have some good tips to help me along the way i would certainly appreciate it. This will be my first rag rug adventure!
1 comment on "Now That the Boxes Are Finally Unpacked"
  1. What a wonderful new place. And a garden!! I do like to weave, but have never made a rag rug. Will be looking forward to seeing it! Sue