A Return

I know my posts here have been few and far between for a long time. I have neglected this blog as Facebook was so much easier for me. I loved the communication there and really enjoyed my page for a long time but Facebook has killed the business pages there. Few people even see my posts and I became quite frustrated with it months ago. I hope to put my efforts somewhere where it is not quashed and I feel I can reach people who care about what I want to show them. Right now any post I put up on Facebook has the potential to reach less than 10% of my followers and in most cases lately it has been less than 1%. Why go to the bother if no one even gets to see it. At least here I know if you want to see my things you can and no big brother is restricting your access!

2 comments on "A Return "
  1. I know what you mean, Diane. I'm beginning to think I'm flogging a dead horse on Facebook. Welcome back to blogging!

  2. Yes, I noticed the facebook debacle too! There's always Google Plus and it works in tandem with your blog here.
    Anyway, welcome back!