Hello Everyone! I am here and slowly making my way back to a more normal life. Last time I spoke with you all I told you of the problems with my eyes and that I would be doing as the doc instructed. Well, she put me on work restriction, and so that is what I did. Nothing. I was already on restriction from my other doc, being told no physical activity, now I could do no other activity. So I have sat here for a month, no work, no sewing to speak of, nothing. I was bored to tears! I have watched enough tv to last a life time, and filled my days with meaningless drivel. It was all worth it though. My last appointment doc said the bubble behind my retina had receded by 1/3, now a week later it seems that the spot is not so prevelant in my vision. I think it is receding more. I have been given permission to slowly return to work. I am supposed to take it very easy and not allow any stress into my life right now and rest, rest, REST! I will certainly do that too. I want my eyes back to normal. I want my hip back to normal. I am happy to say it is also benefitting from this long rest. I did well for two weeks with little pain at all until I decided on Friday to try a bit more exercise than I should of. It quickly reminded me that I was NOT supposed to be exercising. I will behave.

This weekend I did my first dye batch since my restirctions. It was so fun to play with my dyes again..and soon I hope to pick up my needle again :)
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