A Fresh Start

Although my days were spent with many an indolent hour while I was away from here, I did manage to accomplish a few things. I covered some of my pillow finally and I love the squishy soft comfort they give me. Someday I will get them all done!

I also finally came up with an idea I liked for the ends of my paisley belt I made last year. I did the embroidery and really like how it looks but ran into a snafu with the eyelets for the ties, I am working now on redoing the eyelet part to make loops instead. I think it will look fine either way so I don't mind so much

I planted lots of seeds and tried to nurture them into baby plants. I'm afraid many refused to show their faces to the light of day. I do have a nice big pot of basil going now and a few gorgeous hot pink Morning Glories starting to grow. All of my plants survived the winter except one mint. the fuchsia and the thyme. I thought I had killed both mints (which in my mind is neigh on impossible) but when I went to replant in that pot there were tiny leaves peeking out. It's hard to kill that stuff! I was real sorry to see the fuchsia go, I love them so.

My eye gets better every day it seems. I dont have my next appointment for a few weeks but the spot seems to be fading and my eyes dont tire as easily. I have been doing a bit of work each day. Not too much as I dont want to overtax myself but I have much catching up to do. I did a big shop update a few days ago adding many of the ribbons that have been sitting here since before my rest and quite a few pieces of linen. I am working now on making another set of listings. My goal is to list all these finished items so I can stow them away in their little cabinets, clear the space off my counters and tables and finally feel like I can have a fresh start. I have ideas floating around in my head. I want to dye some of these cotton prints here, maybe many of them in the same colorway and then make myself a patchwork piece that I can turn into a top. I don't know. I just know that my hands are itching to do again. I also have my indigo pot sitting here waiting for me to get it going. I have many ideas for play with it. I want to do some shibori velvets. I am just thankful that my health continues to improve and I will once again be able to spend my days amidst my beloved fibers.
3 comments on "A Fresh Start"
  1. ..just take it easy....

    ..it'll all come together soon enough.

    Meanwhile, enjoy Springtime in Alsace :-)

  2. sorry you have been having problems, haven't done much blog visiting myself lately...busy, busy. Take good care of yourself!!

  3. I'm happy to hear that your health trouble seems to be going. Eye problems -- worst case for an artist! Take care!
    Sorry for the late comment -- last week I wasn't able to see all the blogs and write all the comments I would have liked to.