Of Weddings and such....

So...finally the day came. After all the fuss and all the worry, it turned out to be a beautiful day. I woke up to the sun shining...a good sign. Three of D's friends had arrived the night before and we had much fun sampling the pina coloda punch and partaking of the goodies his baker friend brought. He came in with a large pallet loaded down with quiche, pizza, sandwiches, pastries, etc., whatever was left at the shop when he closed up that night. He also brought us a beautiful cake.

Soon after we were ready D's family arrived and gifted me with a beautiful bouquet of roses.

Then we were off to the castle ^^

It was so beautiful inside.

It was a very nice ceremony and everyone was in a good mood.

Audrey had fun winning the bouquet!
And it was really good to see D's grandfather again. He's such a sweet man.

After the wedding we all went back to the house and had a wonderful time. We received some wonderful gifts and good food was had by all!

5 comments on "Of Weddings and such...."
  1. Oh, everything turned out so beautiful - and you got married in a ch√Ęteau!!

  2. Congratulations everything looks beautiful including you.

    Racheal x

  3. Oh my! I havent popped by in a while. Congratulations. It looks like it was such a special day. What a beautiful spot to get married - it looks so romantic. You looked lovely and your dress is just divine


  4. I just found your blog. Congratulations! It looks like it was a beautiful day indeed. What a gorgeous chateau as well! And I love your dress!

  5. Congratulations! Your dress turned out beautifully and the wedding looks like it was perfect.