Hello out there people XD

I'm sure by now everyone thinks I have dropped off the face of the earth. Just wanted you all to know I AM STILL HERE. I have many things I want to tell you about if I can just sit still long enough to write them down. Maybe now is the perfect time as I am currently propped up on the couch on painkillers trying to overcome my most recent bout with maladie.

We recently travelled down to Agen to celebrate D's Grandfather's 80th Birthday with a grand dinner that had been MUCH planned. I think he was more excited to be there then a kid in a candy shop. I just adore this man. He decided to have the dinner in a local restaurant and had spent weeks worrying over the menu, taking many trips there to discuss the different wines and such with the chefs, planned the table seating, etc. Some of the family attending had travelled all the way from Paris! On the momentous day I was sitting at the breakfast table enjoying my cafe au lait when D walked in and informed me that we were leaving in half hour. Oh my! I rushed around and threw my clothes on and off to the restaurant we went.

After all the introductions and many bises we finally had ourselves arranged at the tables. I was seated between D and his father...with D being next to his grandfather on the other side. The dinner started out with a nice punch and different little appetizers. One being a phyllo type dough wrapped around nuts, honey and a soft cheese. Very delicious.

Gaéc du Sahuc
Vin d' Alsace
Champagne Alfred RothschildetC
I had many pictures to put on this post but almost all of them are sideways and once again the computer is refusing to listen to me and turn them upright. They look upright in the computer but when I upload them they are sideways >.< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEgsUOtfYXsY4javCP38uPK-noHNcp8tTA9My-lcUmBpD4mNYLpyVi_O3HaPkEbUPcmj3x4gPSNw5oPxSi7vS4I-oH5MNRmbNNgFnMvTUKwlupQJSacsoIHbhIXcqTVWNoSfyMMqZdz0vJQ/s1600-h/00358.jpg">
Saumon farci

Trou Gascon
Dindon aux marrons

Tomates farcies
Plateau de fromages

Fruits de saison

Piéce montée

Café- Armagnac
This meal lasted upwards toward five hours. I am a terrible food photographer. I forgot to take every single picture until after I had taken at least one bite >.<

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