Back Again

I see from my last post date that it has been almost a month.
 When I left you I was in the middle of creating my base for my new piece. I had cut all my pieces and pre-basted them ready to join them together. 
Which I did. 
Then on rising the next morning I decided that the order was completely wrong and took it all apart again! SO...I had it all apart and ready to rejoin but it didn't happen.
Instead I have spent the last month trying to recover from an ear infection, a sinus infection and inflamed bronchial tubes. 
The entire time I had a non stop headache so there was no sewing for me!
I am finally on the mend and today is day three of no headache. I can finally think again, and even better yet, I can sew again. 

So last night I stitched together my squares in the order I want and pressed them out. Here it is...my final base for Sun, Moon and Stars.  I was surprised that I didn't gravitate more for the blues, I have so many to pick from but the other pieces spoke to me and I could see stars dancing on those black and maroons and suns glowing from those mottled golds and browns and splashes of fuschia. So now my mind wanders to my suns. 

         My first will be the one I saw in the beginning, my beautiful, powerful glaring red sun. I will place it on this square. It speaks of turmoil and strife which was where my head was at when it came to me. Our sun, glaring down on us in all its powerful glory.
And now I am back to mulling over how I will bring this figure to life. Hopefully I will be back a bit sooner this time!

1 comment on "Back Again"
  1. The sun is my symbol for hope so I am naturally drawn to sun art. You sketch looks a little ominous. I'll be interested in seeing you bring it to life.