A Few New Designs

I was hit by a stomach bug this month and it really knocked me down for a few weeks. Still clawing my way back to normalcy but I am mostly my old self. When I was feeling pretty low I just sat and did tutorial work. Love that stuff when I don’t feel good enough to design. Fills my need to create without the energy that is required to design something.

After I started mending though I did make a few new designs. I am so excited to finally feel some confidence in my jewelry making. To have an idea and to be able to execute it.

 I am really happy with both of these designs. The earrings are so fun, they really remind me of peacock feathers. 

The ring was my attempt at making a cabochon setting.

 I didn’t think I was going to like it but when I finished it and put it on I fell in love with it. I might have to play some more with those.

I also had just the worst disaster. This piece refused to conform to what I wanted. I redid it several times. I just don’t think I am skilled enough to attempt this design. I have stepped back from this and will maybe attempt it again when I feel more confident. 

All in all though, I feel like I am making progress. So…how has your month been going?

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