Another failureLast time I wrote here everything was still in upheaval. I was deep in the throes of unpacking and tying to settle into a life of living in two places. It took quite awhile to sort everything out and get to a point where I could create again. But time smooths most things and I fell into a rhythm. And finally, yes finally, I managed to complete my collection. The break-thru moment was when I was able to create the resin pieces I wanted. There are a lot of methods out there and I discarded them all. None satisfied me on their durability or looks. Now I am able to make pieces that I feel comfortable selling. Once this was accomplished I started to play 😉 I am constantly amazed at just what you can do with this amazing stuff! It’s like the strongest glue you can find. It is an amazing glass substitute. You can add things, build on it, just so much you can do!

sparkly, pink and bubbles. What's not to like?
So now my latest collection is finished and I publish it in two days. I am so excited to finally be here. I have learned so much along the way and gained much valuable experience. Making a collection is nothing like making one piece of jewelry. It involves a lot of planning and failure but now I feel confident to go forward with that knowledge and make another collection! And that is exactly what I am doing. I am already hard at work in my head, planning and designing a new collection. So I hope you enjoy my latest one “Flight of Dreams” and be sure to check back in the future for my newest creations. I will try to do better about posting my experiments along the way. I get so lost in the process that I often forget to take photos.os.
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  1. I found you via Cat 's Wire, when she mentioned you on facebook. I love your resin wing collection and was also intrigued to see that you're a fellow 'expat' , recently relocated in France... I think, since you mentioned Switzerland? I've lived in France, near Paris, since 1992, married to a Frenchman, 2 adult kids. Now I'm over here in the States, helping to caregive 96-year-old Mom .... Anyway, I didn't see a way to follow your blog here, so I will ask for a friend request on fb.
    Sincerely, Alysen

  2. Hi Alysen, I have actually lived in France for 12 years! I do travel back and forth to Switzerland as my husband has a business there and a small apartment. It gets isolated here so it is nice to see people :) There is a rss feed down at the bottom of the page with the social icons if you use a blog reader but I will look for your friend request :)