The End is in Sight

    So today marks one week until our move. Soon I will be back in a city. A new one for me and one that I love a lot. I will be living right in the middle of the beautiful and quaint city of Colmar. I will have a park for my front yard and another park for my back yard! I am hoping that the green will help me adjust to leaving here, where everything is green and the view from my window is breathtaking. 

I probably have a million photos of this view and it never grows old. It will be hard to leave it behind. This move will be good for me though and I try to remind myself of that when I grow sad about leaving.    

    Despite the move I have still been busy creating. This last week I worked hard creating over a dozen resin pendants with coral suspended inside as mementos for a friend from his father’s collection he had gathered in younger years.

 This was good practice for me. I have been slowly learning how to use resin properly and after this last bit of work I am feeling very confident with my abilities. This is a good thing because my new line of jewelry will involve a lot of resin. If you follow me in my facebook group you have been seeing a few peeks of what’s going on behind the scenes in the creation of my new line. I will be sharing more peeks there and soon hope to start an email newsletter sharing more. If you are interested in knowing what is coming up and when be sure to subscribe and join the group. I have plans for giveaways in the future and special discounts and if you want to be informed when the line will be released. Click here to join CymberRains Creations.

      This will probably be my last post until after the move. SO until then. See you on the flip side! 

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