Edit That

So here is what happened last night:

I have looked at this piece since I got home. Here I was, chomping at the bit the whole time I was down south for Christmas, wanting to be home to work on this piece. Then I get home and all I can do is look at it and it was just bugging me silly. I couldn't figure out what it was at first but then it hit me. This sun does not belong here. I originally dreamed this sun and it was part of a bigger picture. It also has a lot of negative thoughts associated with it and I think that is the main thing holding me back. SO..I snipped it. Now let's see what happens.

Hope you are all well!

1 comment on "Edit That"
  1. So, I'm looking at it again.....
    I kinda like that angry guy, I'm sure he had good reason for such righteous anger?!? Weather has all kinds of moods and your different squares seem to resonate many different ones. Just a thought❤