Sometimes Life is Dull

       I haven't put a post up for awhile and I really do want to keep you up on what I am doing around here but this week has not been fun. For one thing it is raining, long gray and wet days. Secondly, we are cleaning out the garage and really, trust me, you do not want to see the mess that is in there! 

         I am also going through my first week on the elimination diet trying to locate a possible food sensitivity. It is so much harder that I thought it would be! I did fine tapering off the coffee. I just mixed it with decaf and added a bit more decaf each day till it was full decaf. After that, dropping the coffee wasn't a problem so I went into this thinking if cutting coffee was easy everything else will be a breeze. Wrong! If you were a fly on the wall you would see this sad soul wander into the kitchen over and over and just stand there. What can I eat? I want salty, I want sweet. Pitiful! I will get through it though. Yesterday I spent the time I wasn't cleaning out the garage with scouring the internet for recipes. I think once I have a good pile of recipes to work with it will be easier. I did make a delicious green smoothie with an apple, celery root and avocado so there is hope.
Wish me luck.

     I do have several projects in the making so I will be writing about them soon. Well, as soon as I conquer the garage. It is full of not only our stuff but all the stuff the previous owners left behind. It will be a nice weight off our shoulders when that is hauled away to the dump and we have a cleaner more organized house. I promise, THEN I will take pictures.
So I will see you soon, hope you have a great weekend!
2 comments on "Sometimes Life is Dull"
  1. That green smoothie sounds great - I love smoothies and usually have them with spinach and strawberries or blueberries. Have fun with the garage!

  2. I came very close to getting photos of our shed, just to cheer you up. Our previous owners left quite some PILES of garbage behind, too. It must be a thing. :D

    Congrats on going off coffee, it is quite a feat.
    Diane, I hope you find what food is causing you trouble.