A Rest in Order

Sorry I have been quiet lately, I am afraid I am going to be quiet for a bit. I have developed bubbles 'cavitations' in both my retinas and have been told it is probably due to fatigue and stress. So I am kicking back and taking it easy. Hopefully these will go away soon!

I was diagnosed with the same thing a few years back and I did rest. I quit sewing, dyeing and everything else. My eyes healed. I think the amount of stress lately. The work on this blog, the shop and the house combined plus my terrible insomnia and food problems have all contributed to cause this so...

Time to take nice long naps if I want to.

Time to put some art projects on hold.

Time to put my shop on vacation for awhile maybe?

But don't worry, I will be back soon. We are still working on the house and have lots of things I want to show you. I just wont be posting as often for awhile till I get myself back in shape.

I will miss you though, so you will be seeing me!
3 comments on "A Rest in Order"
  1. Look after yourself, Diane. Rest well and get better.

  2. Take care. It's a pity that we need reminders like these to take a time out. I hope you'll enjoy the rest and be well again soon.

  3. Diane take care and a swift recovery to you.