Oops, pardon, my face is slipping!

Welcome everyone to my new blog! This poor old blog was so neglected I decided to give it a nice makeover to more reflect where I am right now in life. I am still working on my art, stitching and dyeing and bending wire but I am also involved in so much more!
Here is a little list to give you an idea:

 1.Greening my house- I have been working towards slowly removing as many chemicals from my house as possible. I am teaching myself how to make more enviromentally safe home products to help towards that goal. Many of them are hit and miss but I will be more than happy to share with you the ones that work.

Nourishing my skin: I have also been teaching myself how to make homemade products for skin and body care. Toothpaste, deodorant and body butters are all made and used regularly now. I have many many more things I want to try. Some things dont work so well but I am researching and learning and again, will be happy to share with you what works. I am taking a wonderful course over at Vintage Remedies about essential oils. Now I already have a lot of self taught knowledge about essential oils but who wouldn't want to know the facts? These people are serious about doing it right. All their teaching is based on clinical studies so I know I will walk away with a stonger foundation in the facts.

Eating whole foods: I live in Alsace in France. I am surrounded by fresh made cheeses, home grown organic vegetables and free range chickens, pigs, sheep and ducks. I am surrounded by a bounty of wonderful, fresh whole foods. I am working hard to unlearn my american eating habits and eat whole! I am also basing my diet on low carbs to help reduce my cholesterol. It is fun to combine the french cooking with my low carb tricks, if I whip up anything extraordinary I will pass it on to you.

Gardening and preserving my own foods: This one is hard. I have never gardened. I grew a few plants on my balcony in Mulhouse and those went well but that was not a garden. This last summer I tried here and failed miserably. I am not familiar with this climate. I am also just not used to the constant vigilance that a garden requires. I am determined to figure this out and when I do I want to share my successes with you. I also want to benefit from any success by dehydrating and fermenting my foods. I might even try my hand at canning.

Lastly I have tons of little things I want to do around the house and share with you. Right now I just finished repainting my kitchen, it has a serious storage problem and I will be working toward figuring out ANY way I can to get more storage in there. This is going to take some major brainstorming!

SO this is my goal and I hope you enjoy the new format. I know it will fit much better with what's going on in my life right now and so you will see me posting more often!

9 comments on "Oops, pardon, my face is slipping!"
  1. Glad to see you back to posting. I love what you have done with your house so far (thanks FB!) Can't wait to read more here.

  2. Your blog looks great! And I think it is a marvellous idea to stick to blogs instead of letting it all happen on FB: The copyright of the pictures is yours; and people who are not on FB (I heard there are some) will still find your blog. And you look great! Might be the country life and gardening? Younger than ever.

  3. Glad to be back Athena!
    Thank you Eva, I am hoping so :P

  4. The blog looks great! It doesn't look like it came from blogger. It looks like a wordpress blog. However, I notice the url is still blogspot.
    Anyway, wonderful job!!

  5. Thank You! Lise! Yes this is still my old blogger blog and I plan to keep it that way. I did read a lot of pros and cons before I decided and the pros outweighed the cons! There are a lot of new templates out there to play with and I really like this one

  6. Loving the new look and the new agenda you are going to be sharing. Can't wait to read what all you decide to share. Love ya.... Cathy

  7. Thanks Cathy and thank you so much for all your help and advice!

  8. Woo! France sounds fantastic! Switching out to less toxic items is a SLOW process! I have tried some that work just like the store bought item and some that are less than spectacular.

  9. Rebecca, I have found exactly the same thing, often they are a total flop. That's why I decided to start posting about the things the DO work well for me so other people can try them with a bit more confidence.