I have wandered far from home...

and finally returned!

It's been a long month and a half away and we have traveled near and far. Deep into southern France, across the ocean, from the eastern shore of the USA, up into Canada to Montreal and then on down to the heartland and over to the western shore of the US. It was a wonderful trip full of many beautiful sights, including my wonderful newborn grandson! The sight of my own bed when finally returning was a wondrous sight all of it's own!

So I am finally recuperated and now I am onto making lots and lots of jewelry this week. Keep your eyes open and i will be sharing them with you :)
2 comments on "I have wandered far from home..."
  1. Sounds lovely!!
    Happy returns!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!! I do love your jewelry. There is nothing like your own bed after returning from a trip. Are you still dyeing?