New Ribbon Cards

I've been working on redesigning how I wrap and store the ribbons and floss for my shop. I have been using the little floss spindles and they made the threads so bulky in packages i just hated it but I didn't want to go back to plain old card stock like I was using before. I decided instead to use business cards. I designed a new card and ordered a pile of them and then went in search of a nice paper punch for the end. After receiving one that just wouldn't work because of the size I finally found one that looks good and isn't too large for the card. I think they turned out splendidly and with the added bonus of the buyer having a nice business card there when they finish their ribbon or floss to help them remember who they purchased it from. I hate when I run out of a supply and can't remember what shop I bought it at. What do you think of them?
3 comments on "New Ribbon Cards"
  1. Simply lovely!!!!! I love the punch you are using, and the cards really set off the beauty of your ribbons!

  2. Love them Diane! What a great idea too about the suppliers :)