Winter Blues

This week I had the stomach flu, this means that for almost the entire month of February I have been sick! I am ready for spring. I am ready for all these ills to go away. I have a theory about all of these germs. Hubby is on a train every day for almost 2 hours each way. I think being packed into that train with lots of other poor souls all with their own germs makes for a perfect petri dish and I am catching the results! He also has been sick most of the month and he is NEVER sick. Poor guy. I don't know how he does it but he is my hero! He works so hard and rarely complains. I am a lucky girl for sure.
So despite being ill I have tried to keep up a bit. I stacked and organized all my new goodies to get an idea of what is ready and what is in dire need of a good ironing. I am happy to say the ironing pile is not as big as i expected. I even have a lot of the photos taken. If I keep this up I might even become efficient (don't hold your breath). I have high hopes that this coming week will be sick free and productive. At least it's a good goal :)
The wire wrapping bug has hit me hard. I am totally and completely under it's spell now. Even when I was feeling my worst I was still catching myself picking up a piece and fiddling with it. I adore it! This is the new piece I have started.

That makes three in production now, all in various stages of completion. I worked on each till I reached a point where I couldn't continue without something I didn't have. Since this is new to me I have very few materials on hand. So I made another order and I am patiently waiting for new supplies to arrive so I can finish my three babies. I'm astonished to say that I haven't even been missing my needle!
I hope I am not boring you all with my lack of needlework projects. I have always been one to jump around though and I know I will eventually make it back to my beloved sewing. This for right now is a great substitute...oh and the beads, I just adore the beads!
7 comments on "Winter Blues"
  1. When you're feeling crappy, just do whatever makes you feel better at the time!

    ...and your posts are NEVER boring!

    Feel good soon...

    x C

  2. Is the owl done in all wire? Because some of it looks like thread or twine. He's really great. As is all your work. Hope you're feeling better soon.


  3. Finally, I've caught up with what's going in your life. Real life has gotten in the way of my cyber one. Glad your operation was a success. I cannot imagine how scary that was. Also, glad you're feeling better. I cannot imagine a big move and the holidays during that time and then your catching every bug out there.

    Your wire work and blackwork projects look fun and interesting. Of course, your dyed fabrics, ribbons, and threads are to "die for".

  4. Hi I have been following your blog for a while and have bought some of your delicious fabric. It seems like you have had more than your share of illness/injury in the last 6 months. I also do beading so I can really relate to your excitement with your new stuff. The owl is gorgeous - maybe you were a jeweller in another life? I hope you recover soon and your posts are NEVER boring! I have fibromyalgia so I spend more time than I would like lying in bed and blogs keep me sane and cheerful. Good wishes from Robyn in Australia

  5. Enjoying your posts. I was wondering how big the owl is and if it's for sale.
    Thanks, Rayna

  6. Hi Rayna, the owl is about 2 12" tall but he isn't finished yet. I will probably include a pic in my next blog post so you can see how he is coming along. I only have a few tiny things to do to him now and I think he turned out cute! I do plan on selling him. Thanks!~Diane

  7. Thank you everyone for the encouragement and good to see you all here :)