I need quiet here!

I've been feeling a little pressured. I like my solitude. I like it quiet. I like a nice even measured schedule with no surprises. I know, I am weird. Truth is when there is unexpected and I jump into it and flow with it I end up having a good time but...I drag my feet every time. Right now I am working hard at learning about my two new passions, especially the wire, though I have been studying and pondering the beads also ( they will have their run too) Now right when I am in the middle of learning this wonderful new art I also hire a French teacher and we had guests all weekend. Now dont get me wrong, I am glad I hired the teacher and I accept the fact that she is going to start taking up a lot of my time. I also really enjoyed having our guests. I just get in this mind set where all I want to do is create. I want to sketch and study and learn everything there is to learn about the new passion and when I am like this there is no room for anything else. So I guess I am feeling a bit disgruntled and very stingy with my time. It will all settle back down soon I hope and sort itself into some kind of routine. Here's hoping!

Anyway, I finished two of my wire pieces this week despite feeling pressured on all sides. I also dyed another piece of the electric dreams. I am quite thrilled with the results! Now back to studying, drawing, wrapping wire and of course...playing!

5 comments on "I need quiet here!"
  1. You're getting good with the wire already!

  2. I so understand the urge to be creating in solitude. It is like a chemical process in a closed vessel. Any disturbance dilutes the potion. -- This velvet is wonderful!

  3. Ha ! glad I "found" you again, somehow lost your blog some time ago but when I came over from Eva I recognized the short info on the sidebar ...
    Eva has this wonderful shawl you made, and the new pieces have stunning colours also. Gorgeous velvet, the shimmering folds ... !
    Lóve that wire-moon !!!

  4. so glad you found me again. I haven't posted much lately as this year seems to be flu after flu but I am working my way back toward normalcy I hope!