SO... you know the chinese curse that goes "May you live in interesting times"? Well this month has been interesting, Starting off with the fatal back move. You know the one...the one where you bend over to pick something up and something just didn't move right? Next thing you know you can't get out of a chair without making moves like Micheal Jackson in the Thriller. Well that was me for over a week which softly faded into... The Sickness From Hell. You know the one where you can't sleep at night because you can't breath and you continuously sneeze, you go through your entire stock of Kleenex and you sound like a frog. plus your head is pounding so hard is sounds like a heavy metal music practice session? Yeah that's me and that saga continues though I don't sound so much like a frog anymore. I forgot how much grossness a body could produce. Could someone please turn off the faucet?!? To top all this off, just as my backache is fading and still in the middle of this snotfest my laptop decides to give up the ghost. Poor baby just couldn't take it anymore. It has went to play with all the other outdated and over abused technology in the sky. I am typing this on my brand spanking new shiny white laptop that I am just falling in love with. It has a keyboard that actually works!
So my reasoning is that all my bad luck decided to show up right off the bat at the beginning of the year and the rest of the year is going to be devoted to fun times and good stuff, right?
So I have been experiencing a big hankering for playing with beads, beads and wire. I can't get either out of my mind. So I have pulled out all my beads and pieces and that is what I am playing with. Oh, and I also ordered some wire *big grin*
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  1. I can relate to computer issues and snotfest. I can relate to new projects on the horizon. One of my friends cursed me a long time ago with "may you live in interesting times" and put a twist on it "and may you wish to always WANT to live in interesting times" SIGH.

  2. I think I've heard it said somewhere that "Sh*t Happens!"

    Well, hopefully it has now fully and completely happened...and the rest of 2012 will be JUST FINE!!!

  3. ..oh and by the way...

    I've just put you up for a Leibster award!

    Hope you don't mind :-)

  4. Hope you're much better now. Get well soon! I put some advice on my blog.

  5. Hmmm Chris, I have no idea what leibster award is but thank you very much :)
    Thanks for the well wishes!