Missing the Sun

Happy Saturday to everyone! I am sitting here staring at the wall of grey out my window and dreaming of sunny days. I am very ready for spring this year. It's been cold and bleak here.

I have continued working with the wire wrapping and I am just in love with it. I find myself dreaming of new pieces so I know it has sunk a hook in my heart. So this is the new piece I started. It is not finished yet and I have many plans for it still but as you can see...I went a bit crazy with it!

I also did a nice big batch of silk gauze and habotai this week. Seems I have completely sold out in the shop so I thought I would make a few more. Every time I dye the big pieces of silk I fall in love all over again. There is such beauty in this cloth. Ironing it out after it comes from the wash I marvel at the sheen, the iridescent quality of the colors laid upon the surface. I do so love to play with these!

1 comment on "Missing the Sun"
  1. Yes, this moon is yours! I could have told out of thousands. Such a wonderful expression.
    I love the window hanging! It seems to turn the view into an impressionist painting, doesn't it?