I'm Back!!

I'm sure many of you thought I was gone for good. It's been way too long for sure. We are now comfortable settled into our new home and all the guests have come and gone. The holidays are over and the house is finally settling. I am spending this week setting up my studio and trying to get ready to create again. It's been so long since I have done anything creative I feel lost.
I went to Strasbourg by train last month and had the eye doctor test my eyes to check the progress of the bubble. She was happy to report that the bubble has receded to almost nothing and believes that will be the end of it. I have an appointment next month to check and make sure it is not coming back. I have hope though. The stain that I saw before has diminished to almost nothing. I have to try very hard to see it now and it is more like a memory of what was there than an actually spot, if that makes sense. 2011 was a very scary year for me and I look forward to turning the page to a fresh new year with good eyes to see and create with. I can't imagine a life without being able to see, I think it is an artists greatest nightmare, that or losing their hands.
My new home is very different from the last. Though I thought that Oberhausbergen was quaint and homely it was also small and quiet. Our apartment was always cold even in the hotest days of summer. Here we are right in the middle of the city, there is something going on at all times. We sit way up above everyone being in a tower that is surrounded by much lower buildings (20 stories as opposed to 2-3) I have a bird's eye view of everything around me. I walk out and I am only a short walk from parks, stores, the canal, the train station. Just two blocks away is the pedestrian only shopping streets with many a boutique, bakery and restaurant all with cobbled streets and christmas lights everywhere. I love the soft quiet of the country but there is a part of me that revels in the hustle and bustle of the city. So here I am in my new life, ready to start creating again and excited to see what comes next!
7 comments on "I'm Back!!"
  1. What a lovely apartment for a lovely lady! It's great to have you back, and here's to a bright shiny new year, with TONS of productivity and health!!!!

  2. Aww thank you Teri, you are such a sweety (hugs)

  3. I'm glad to see you back!...

    ...and that apartment looks delightful. I'm so glad that health issues seem to be receding, and that you can now look forward to an exciting, creative 2012.

    x Chris

  4. Glad you're back and cannot wait to see what you create! I love the setup and the view at your new place. I wish you the best with everything! ~Heather

  5. Happy New Year to you! I'm very delighted to hear that your eye trouble is over. Right, this is essential for us artists! I guess it was wise to keep away from screens. This flat is impressive. I love the huge windows! Hope it will bring you luck and creative success!

  6. glad your back, Your place looks fabulous, looking forward to seeing your studio. Bee Creative Today!

  7. Your new place sounds great! Enjoy! So glad you're doing well.


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