A New Apartment

Well I hope you haven't given up on me. It's been a rough few weeks and I have put off coming here.
First off, we didn't get the apartment we applied for, there was a previous applicant and they got it. We had to make another trip down to Mulhouse and do more apartment searching. This time though we were successful and we found a place that both of us love...

Bright and open, the view is breathtaking AND it has a wonderful kitchen fully equipped and full of cabinets!

I won't know how to act with all this storage space. I have a nice room for my studio with a bathroom right off of it for my dyeing. It is so much easier when a sink is handy! Plus it has a nice walk in closet for storing all my stash. Now to just finish packing and get myself there.
I have my studio completely packed and stopped dyeing last week. I am slowly but surely making my way through the rest of the house, tossing stuff as I go. I feel like I have been packing forever but it's ok because this time I am doing it right and making sure everything is sorted. It's amazing how much you can accumulate in a short period of time.
I go back to the eye doctor Wednesday for a checkup. I have had severe headaches since the surgery and I am hoping she tells me everything is fine. Unfortunately my spot is back in the other eye so I have left off with my embroidery until she has a look at it. Last time I got the spot I was put on a rest for quite awhile. It doesn't seem quite as bad this time so I hope we can catch it early and reverse the process. For now I am afraid I wont have any embroidery or dyeing updates to show you so I doubt I will post again till after the move. I have been messing around with a little needle felting

It's something I can do that doesn't require a lot of strain to my eyes and it's easy to pick up for a few minutes. I am also thinking about doing a bit of velvet ribbon weaving. Even when I cant do what I want, I just can't NOT do something.
Hope you all are well and enjoying this fall weather!
4 comments on "A New Apartment"
  1. Congratulations for your new flat! How many times did you move now during the last 2 years? Hope you will be able to settle down. And I do wish you all the best for your eyes and for your headache to go away. You're perfectly right to rest your eyes as long as it takes -- you won't lose your reader(s)!

  2. gorgeous looking place with lots of light :)

    i want to try needle felting so bad, but also dont want to stab myself :p

  3. What a wonderful view and it all sounds so convenient too. Hope your eyes are soon a lot better. I don't think I could bear not to stitch. ;os

  4. Hope you've been taking a well-earnt rest for your eyes & that you're all settled in now in your new home :)