Blackwork Fill and Eye Surgery

First off I just want to say that yesterday my eye surgery went without a hitch. I am already feeling much better and even the light sensitivity is almost gone. I am so glad to have that chapter finished and behind me! I get the jeebies just thinking about someone touching my eye so you can imagine how difficult it was for me.
Last weekend we did manage to make it to Mulhouse and not only did we look at an apartment, we looked at four! We ruled out all but one for various reasons and applied for the other. Unfortunately there are other applicants so we have to sit back and cross our fingers, hoping we get it. I know I don't want a repeat of last weekend searching when it comes to my hip. No matter how much I think I am healed up any kind of strenuous activity and I am right back down again. One thing I have noticed though is I seem to heal back up quicker now so I guess it is all just a process. I know I will never again take for granted the ability to walk. It is a precious thing indeed!

So I wanted to post a few pics of my progress on the coif. I have started filling in the area that I outlined and I am loving it. I get reminded over and over how much I love the blackwork effect. Hubby has decided that he likes it too! I am loving this thread a lot more than the other too. I am so glad I decided to dye this batch. It is much smoother and stronger than the commercially dyed thread I bought, and really isn't hand dyed better...even when it's black?
5 comments on "Blackwork Fill and Eye Surgery"
  1. Amazing work. And remarkable, though not really surprising that you put color aside after wallowing in it... Glad to hear that the eye trouble is over. And I must have missed what you wrote about walking. I so feel with you.

  2. The embroidery is so beautiful. Glad your eye surgery went well. Good luck on the apartment.

  3. I DO hope you get the apartment!....keeping everything crossed for you :-)

    I love the embroidery...so elegant...

    Sometimes going back is better isn't it.

  4. Love the blackwork. Glad your eye is better too. I know about the waLKING, have been trying to walk in the parks lately to get photos and enjoy myself. It is so difficult. Luckily my walker has a seat.Hope you get your house!