An interesting house we saw out on our walk the other night. This is a common form of architecture here and I love it!

My eye appointment went very well, better than expected. The bubble behind my retina is gone! The doctor told me the outline I am still seeing is just where it hasn't completely set back in. I am so thrilled with this news. It is a big relief. I go back in a month for a checkup and to set up a date for the laser surgery on the other eye. I will also be getting a new prescription for my glasses. Soon hopefully my eyes will be much happier. I can hardly wait.
This has been such a long process I have lost myself along the way. Now that I have permission to work again I find myself confused on how to "get back on the horse". I find myself distraceted and wandering about unsure where to start or even what to start on. I am sure I will find my way back soon. I am not completely idle though. I have been spring cleaning the house. It is in sore need of some attention. Being on restricted activity will make any house look in sad shape. It is starting to look clean again.

I did a small batch of specialty trims and satin silk ribbon last week, only to find that the ribbon wasnt silk after. I should have tested it because I had my suspicions. Next time I will know better. I have never worked with silk satin ribbons before so they fooled me.

I've also been working on my embroidery. Still working on the yoke for my shirt. I really hope to get this done by vacation time. I need to kick it into high gear though. I keep dawdling. I only have three weeks left. I am so excited. I am really looking forward to this trip. I think I need a little change of scenery, I have went kinda crazy in this house!

Hubby took me shopping in Germany for a few things I was in sore need of for the vacation. I found the greatest pair of Birkenstocks and I LOVE them. For once I was paying a reasonable price for a pair and not the $100 price tag you see in the states. I guess there are a few advantages to living next to Germany :) I also picked up a few pair of capris since I have no shorts to speak of. Now if I just get my new top done I will be set!
~Hope you are all having a great week~
3 comments on "Improvements"
  1. I am so happy to her you are doing better! Fantastic news about your eye! I did not know you had to have both done. I am hoping to have surgery on one of my knees soon. I lost 5 lbs! Pretty good for someone who isn't able to walk. I think it so wonderful that you are walking! I love your town! As for your art, you will find your way, one step at a time. :) I'm jelous of your birkenstocks!lol Enjoy your vacation!

  2. So good to read the news. It would drive me nuts to have eye trouble. I'm very happy about your improvement.
    The sandals look like they were made for you with the paisley and the choice of colors.
    If I was working on such a project, I'd do it in steps that look finished during the whole process. So you won't get into a hurry.

  3. Such good news about your eye and the Birkies are fabulous - you can never have too many pairs and these are such a nice design and pattern.