I have a crush...

A big big crush...on velvet. I am just so in love with my new bias velvet ribbon. I started making it a while back but since then with all the problems I never had an opportunity to use any of it. Well I rectified that and now that I have I am never going back. It is just so lush and yummi! I love the depth it puts in my work and I just want to paper my whole world with velvet. Why not when it's so soft and vibrant and just wonderful! Am I gushing enough? Here are a few progress photos of the shirt I am working on, see what I mean?

In other news, I am off to the eye doc Tuesday for a progress report. Please keep me in your thoughts. I am nervous but very positive about this visit. My eye seems to be doing so much better!
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  1. Most amazing techniques! What would these ribbons be without the skilful hand? Hope it is not too strenuous for your eyes. Keeping fingers crossed for quick recover.


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