The needle calls

Lately it is always calling. I havent had time! I am so crazy busy with dyeing I don't have time. I need the time though. It is my sanity. Those long quiet hours pulling the thread through the cloth. the calm repetition. The feel of the cloth and the magic of the thread, my paint, building the image. I need it, it's as simple as that!

SO I am busy with dyeing, and I continue to be busy with dyeing. So I must come to a balance with the two. I want to fill my shop as full as I can so I can maintain it with more ease. Then I can devote at least part of my day to my stitching...my evenings more likely. I just received a huge order of fabric. Dupioni, habotai, charmeuse, linen, bubble cotton gauze, silk ribbons, so many goodies to dye. I will be adding new things as I can but....I will be stitching too!

This is a quick pic of some of the ribbons I just finished. I am really loving these velvet ribbons. The bias makes them so versatile and the colors are so rich and gorgeous. I cant wait till my needle meets these new lovelies!
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