more fun stuff

So I wanted to show you a few new things I have been working on. This is my latest project. I dont really have the set up I need to do this properly yet, as I dont have a good 80 cm straight edge so I have to go buy one before I really get to work on this but...keep your eyes peeled. I will soon be offering bias cut hand dyed silk velvet ribbons in the shop. I am so thrilled with how they are turning out too! The edges are nice and tight with no fraying at all. I expected a small amount of feathering but this velvet is so tightly woven it isn't noticeable. I also cut the ribbons all the way down to 1/4 inch thickness without any loss of integrity. This is very exciting to me. I see wonderful hand dyed velvet borders in our future!

I also finally got my moon bone piece for the choker I started long ago. I will be beading this onto the choker and then who knows where I will go with this after...I have ideas ;)

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  1. The bone face is beautiful! I am also into beading (and a few thousand other things!!!?!). Did you buy it locally or where? I have been looking for just such a face and as we are many thousands of kms apart, I don't think we will show up wearing the same thing. Do you mind sharing? The velvet sounds fabulous. I was given a small cart load of stretch velvet many colours (many metres) and I tried cutting it down to narroww widths to knit with - still sitting in a corner looking at me. It kept turning over to the uninteresting side so I probably would have to stitch it and that just seemed too much at the time. Good luck with your beautiful velvet (I am lucky enough to have a little). Thanks.

  2. This moon is beautiful! It is hard to take a photo because of the contrast to the fabric, I guess. The embroidery is sooo lovely! And it is perfect with the variegated thread! Whatever will become out of your ideas, I'm sure it will be exciting.
    Robyn, please contact me! I can do such faces. If they are needed, I can offer this kind, though not bone, but polymere clay. I would have to produce them, haven't got any now. See my art dolls on my home page.

  3. ...love the serene face...

    ...Luann Udell also does some beautiful ones in polymer clay...they look just like bone...