Full Speed Ahead

So my shop has been taking up a lot of my time lately. I am not complaining. I do love playing with my fabrics and the dyeing. I have had little time to stitch though. Administrative tasks can be long and drawn out with little to show for it. I have several new things that I will be adding soon to the shop. Also a few I am going to play with to decide if I want to add them or not. One thing I am definitely adding is linen. I have a big order coming in soon and I cant wait to start experimenting on it. Also I just bought the mat and cutter to start cutting bias velvet ribbon. I am quite excited about this as I know a lot of it will be going straight into my stash! I will be playing with some silk dupioni and deciding if it is something I want to add also.

I spent a a little time last week making up a nice batch of yummi valentine pinks and reds to cut up into valentine velvet square packs. Those are available now in my shop for all those little valentine projects.

I also for the first time started listing some larger pieces of gauze and habotai, for people who want more than just a little taste. I will start slicing ribbons this week. Not sure which sizes I will be cutting but will probably start with 1 inch.

The only thing I have been stitching on is my table runner. It has been taking a lot longer than I expected but I do like how its turning out.

I ran out of black embroidery floss part way through this next section.

I am doing two sections with the black tshirt material with multi-colored threads over it and then the new section has multi-colored t-shirt material with black thread over it. I love how they look.

The sections are separated with velvet pieces with shishka mirrors and embroidery embellishments. I can't wait to finish this and put it in my livingroom. I am quite happy with how it's turning out. I have a lot of ideas for my next projects and will be starting on some of them soon. I've been sketching ;)

Have a creative week!
5 comments on "Full Speed Ahead"
  1. Oh I love this table runner! Wouldn't something like this be nice as bed curtains?
    I also love the new photo of you in the slide show. Your profile photo looks a little sad. It is nice to see a different expression, too.

  2. Outstanding colors in those velvet squares. The black background is perfect for showing off the colors in everything.

  3. Just love your pink velvets! I'm excited about the linen too! Love the piece you are working on!

  4. Love those velvet colours Diane.

    ...and I thought the photo in the slideshow was much more flattering too :-)

  5. I see you sitting at my loom for the first time..., after much begging to let you weave....
    You have brought this small memory to life in your table runner..,
    I love it! =)