Well I did it, I pushed to hard and down I went. I got the worst case of the flu that I have had since Talence. Lots of coughing, sneezing, sniffling, tea drinking, sleepless night cause I can't breathe, and then...just when I thought I was starting to get better...another bug, Stomach flu and all the fun involved with that. So ten days later, I am here, still a bit slow and sore, and definitely ten pounds lighter! I plan on continuing to take lots of time to rest for awhile but hope to start getting something accomplished again. I have been working a bit when I could but most days I simply had no energy and could care less what was happening.
It seems this year more people have been down sick than I remember in a long time. Not just sick, but sick for days on end sick. I hope everyone out there is keeping well. Get your flu shot. Take your vitamins. Whatever you can do to stay healthy. You don't want what I've had. Trust me!
3 comments on "Recovery"
  1. So bad! Sorry to hear that, but glad you're back in life. I was wondering why you remained silent. I wish you the very best recreation and full power very soon!
    Using your thread all the time with friendly thoughts,

  2. oooooh sorry to hear you've felt so poorly, Diane...please take good care of yourself, do everything you need to just get well. Everything else can wait! All best to you.

  3. Keep warm....and take care.

    ...then you'll be back at things in no time :-)