Life Returns to Normal

It's been a long hectic summer and I have had little time to think, rest or create. Returning from vacation was a great relief but things did not slow down after that. We have had house guests for a week and although our activities were much more low key we still did quite a bit. I found myself having a hard time keeping up with everyone and had to just sit and rest often. I think I have just exhausted myself and plan on taking the next few weeks to recuperate.
I still plan on doing some dyeing but I am not planning anything outside of the house except needed errands. I want to spend long evenings curled in my chair, watching tv and stitching away. I still have this stack of scarves needing to be stitched for their shibori dyeing.
I am readying my fabrics and threads for a big dye bath this week. I plan on doing much velvet, silk and floss. That is all I have planned. It feels good to have some empty time stretching ahead of me. Long quiet moments to restore myself.
I will not be so quiet here anymore. I am really, really back this time!
1 comment on "Life Returns to Normal"
  1. Yes, I know what you're talking about. Hope you find some recreation for yourself and your creativity! Some things can only grow in a retreated life style.