Hohenzolern Castle and Lorelei Rock

Goodies in a shop window in Little France

Little France, here in Strasbourg

I told you I would post a few photos of the trip. I have only touched the tip of the iceberg though. These were a few of the places we went at the beginning of our trip. A drive down into the Black Forest and the castle there. Another drive up to the Lorelei Rock. Both places are located in Germany. I will try to post some more photos in the future of other places we went. we took at least 600 photos if not more and I am finding it a challenge to wade through them all!

A view of the castle from the distance. Doesn't it look like a scene from a fairy tale?

In the inner courtyard

A little hidden garden, so enchanting.

A view of the valley below.

Wandering through the back streets of St.Goarshausen
Castle Cat
in St.Goarshausen

The beautiful Rhine River as seen from the rock

Hope you enjoyed the peek. It was an enjoyable trip!
2 comments on "Hohenzolern Castle and Lorelei Rock"
  1. Thanks for this trip! I'm so curious for more from this collection. I saw these places when I was very young, I think 12, but I remember some of these places. What a romantic picture of the castle in the mist! The castle looks enchanted indeed; unfortunately, large parts are not medieval, but 19th century design. Did you see the Marksburg? It is more or less authentic. The photo of the houses in Strasburg is wonderful.

  2. I adored each photo and really loved the castle...fabulous!!! More please

    Janet xox