The sun came shining through..

I'm sure if you have followed this blog at all you know that I have been battling various ills off and on now for quite awhile. Truth be told I came to France in pretty bad shape. The doctors poked and prodded me as is their way and gave me lots of meds. Nothing really seemed to work right but I have been maintaining as best I could. I sufffer from a lot of pain, I have severe insomnia, fatigue, terrible cramps in my legs and arms and the list goes on. Also although I eat very little I have not lost the weight I put on a few years back. I was sure once I arrived in France it would drop off me in no time. I have been here two years and I only lost 15 pounds. I eat like a bird.

SO...it was with great relief that Friday night at my doctors I was told she had discoverd the cause of ALL of my problems. Thats a big pill to swallow but after reading about it on the internet and going for tests yesterday I believe she is right! It's actually a compound problem...and part of it I discovered myself. I realized a while back that I was starting to crave ice in a bad way. I insisted on getting my blood checked for low iron and sure enough I was diagnosed as being anemic. That alone can cause most of my problems but she took it a step farther and did a LOT more blood tests. She discovered that I have hypothyroidism. I went yesterday and had a sonogram done on my thyroid, as this problem can be caused by nodules growing on your thyroid that can be cancerous. I was much relieved to hear that there were no nodules on MY thyroid. It is irregular though, suppressed so it no longer secretes the hormones I need. She also found that I am very low in Vitamin D. The combination of these three elements being scarce in my body...well its a wonder I even function at all!

So I have started on my meds and I've been told it will take about 4 months to get my body back up to speed. I have also been told I should feel like a new woman. I cant wait! She said it will help me think more clearly, take the muscle pains away, banish the insomnia and the terrible itchy restless leg syndrome and chase away that awful bone numbing fatigue! I could cry I am so happy! I have always been a person that could do most anything I set my mind too. I would rearrange my furniture on a consistant basis. Remodel and paint my rooms. I was always in the middle of ten big projects at a time. I havent been like that in quite awhile. No energy. Even my art comes in spurts. I go for long periods with no new ideas. She told me that this even affects how well a person thinks...so I have great hope.

So celebrations are in order I think! I am moving to a beautiful new home and I have a new lease on life...I couldn't be happier!
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  1. How good that your doc is finding out what the problem is! Sometimes, minor correction can remove major problems -- given enough time and patience.
    By the way, I noticed that by eating less you cannot lose weight. On the contrary. Because the body is on constant alert not to lose weight if it is lacking something. AND you don't get enough vitamin D. Please, eat properly. If you do, your weight will be what your body demands! Don't let those anorexic French initimidate you.

  2. Glad you've had such positive news!

    Take care...and enjoy Alsace!

    x Chris

    to you.
    Ahh, back on the right track.


  4. Congratulations on having a diagnosis. Living with an illness that involves alot of these symptoms myself I find that learning to use mind over matter techniques helps me alot too. Glad you will be feeling better soon.

  5. I'm HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY for you. Living with chronic pain myself (fibromyalgia for 15 years), I know how it can sap enthusiasm and joy let alone your strength. Art is a great escape.

  6. That's wonderful news! With all of my food allergies, I understand how hard it is to find root causes to various symptoms. I am sure you will start feeling some better soon with a steady incline. Take it easy and let the treatments start to work - 4 months is not a long time!

  7. this just points out that being persistent is in your favor when it comes to your health and yours has paid off well! so happy you have found an answer. here's to better days ahead-

  8. I am so glad the problem was found! its such a relief when docs do their job to help people.

    really glad it is something that is treatable

  9. Hi dear, i hope she right and it is just your thyroid. In case your fatigue does not get less or you feel even worse on your thyroid meds do look into 'chronic fatigue syndrom'. One of the symptoms of CFS is hypothyroid, vitD defiency, a variety of viral infections and a whole lot more. Your symptoms look a lot like CFS. But I hope I'm wrong, at least hypothyroid is curable!

    I'm hypo as well but due to some generic problem thyroid meds give me heart problems like irregular heartbeat , chest pains an fainting.

    Hope you'll feel better on them soon!

  10. Ehrm......, that should be 'genetic' not 'generic' :-)

  11. i'm having all those tests myself next Thurs so hope i will receive news that will help too, having a lot of the same symptoms
    glad to see you getting in the pool again with your art

  12. You are going to love that thyroid medicine. It will bring back the old you in no time.

  13. Celebrations for sure! I hope you are feeling so much better very soon and back to tackling anything.

    Take care and so nice to have finally found out what has been wrong.


  14. So glad you are figuring it out! I have a friend who had similar issues with her thyroid. Treatment helped a lot...

  15. Soooooo happy for you! Can't wait to see what you do with all that new-found energy and health.

  16. Fingers crossed that you're meds kick in & you start to feel back to your old-self in no time.. & congrats on the sale of your mermaid bag... gorgeous!!!


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