Almost done!

Good News! We got the first apartment, the one with the two balconies and the bathtub. I am quite happy about that. Spent today cleaning out closets and packing more boxes. The house is starting to look like a tornado victim! The washing machine finally gasped its last breath so I must go through the last few days here with no way to do laundry but hand washing. I havent seen a laundramat anywhere nearby.

I realized that I finished this little shoe a few weeks ago and never showed it here. I made this shoe quite awhile back. I think it might have been my very first one. I was never happy with it though and it sat on my desk forever staring at me. The base wasnt quite wide enough and it tipped over easy and I just didnt like the color of the pin cushion part itself. SO I tore this piece apart and remade it. I am SO much happier with it now. Such a cutey!

I am still working on things in the evening, a way to unwind from the craziness of packing and doctor visits. I will try to do another post or two before the move and show you my progress on the other two pieces I am working on. After next week though, I have no idea how long it will be till I get internet again. D has promised to monitor my etsy and artfire shops from his work so I dont miss orders but I wont be able to post on my blog. Hopefully this time they will take care of things quickly. Three months the last time was a bit ridiculous!

Hope you are all having a sane and quiet week!
3 comments on "Almost done!"
  1. Congratulations to your new flat! And I wish you a swift move without problems.
    Maybe you can profit from having thrown away some things during your latest move. That could make it easier.
    Thank you very much for your kind comment.

  2. What a lovely blog you have. I enjoyed looking through your work ~ I'm glad you had your thyroid problem etc. diagnosed. Hope your move goes well.

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