Woot Woot!

Yesterday I sold my mermaid bag. This is my first BIG sale. When I first saw it with my bleary eyes early in the morning, I had to shake my head to try to clear the fog. I thought I was imagining it! I took it out of its storage place this morning and lovingly packaged it up to start it on its journey out across the sea. It is hard to send such work so far away to a strange home but I imagine the whimsy and fun I am sending and hope that is what it brings to its new owner.

I thought it such a coincidence that I would sell such a piece right after I decided I would work hard to beef up my cymberrain shop. Now I have even more incentive and it's been such fun unpacking all my pieces. I looked over each one last night, remembering the visions I have for each piece. Many of these are slow cloths, long term projects that I will pack away again for now...to better spend time with in my new home. For now I will work on finishing up all my small projects.

I have already finished these cute little fairy shoes and will be listing them right away. Tonight I must hook back up the sewing machine. I have velvet bags to sew....

5 comments on "Woot Woot!"
  1. How exciting for you! See hard work does pay off. I love, love your fairy boots!

  2. Congratulation on your sale. Hope there are many more in your future.

  3. love the fairy shoes - almost reminded me of rumplestilskin for some reason - what a happy find! it's great when you have a wander round the blogs as it often leads to a little gem like this!

  4. LOVEEEE the handbag!!!! Beautiful!!!

  5. the mermaid bag is gorgeous!! well done selling it, tho' i don't know how you'll part with it. i'm sure the new owner will use it proudly!