Moving Pains

I had planned on spending the day yesterday listing all these lovely new cloths and threads on my etsy shop. I am surrounded by a rainbow of luscious colors even as I speak! Well as with many good intentions...mine fell by the way side. I started out by trying to organize all of them near me so I could go through them in an ordered fashion. This is impossible in the set up I have now. Before I knew it I found myself packing, dumping boxes and organizing. I now have a nice stack of boxes started down the hallway of things not immediately needed and so the beginnings of my packing have started. My studio is much emptier now which I love! I hope the new place has even more storage available so I can work in a space that is clearer like this. D has already promised that we will get more shelves and tables as I need. No more stacking precarious towers of things on the little space I do have! I did manage to post a few things afterwards but not many. I think I will keep to this manner though. Listing a few things each day so it doesnt become a drudgery. It really is my least favorite part of the process.
I am already itching to dye more. I have several ideas and almost tore into the rest of my velvet today. I may yet!

D leaves Monday morning for a week in Strasbourg. He has several appointments lined up to look at apartments. I have my fingers crossed....
2 comments on "Moving Pains"
  1. so you have a week to simply play with your craft!! Enjoy and Happy Valentines Day!!!

  2. The moving part of moving is never any fun I think....