More dye experiments

I told you I would try to post these pics today and I made it!

These two velvets are made just a little differently. As I stated yesterday, I am afraid to use resists as it might damage the nap on this luscious fabric. I know that once you press a fold in this velvet it is permanent so Im not sure what would happen with a lot of tying and clamping, I do intend to find out though...with some small pieces.

These were done with no ties and no clamps but I think the results still turned out great! I have more planned along this vein!

But for now I am back to bed...seems last weeks stomach flu was not done with me. Grr.
6 comments on "More dye experiments"
  1. ...take care of yourself....

    ..love those velvets!

  2. I hope you feel better soon so that you can get back to creating more beautiful fabrics!

  3. Wow...how stunning are those stripes?? Take care of yourself..you need to be healthy for the big move.

  4. What an amazing effect! this is gorgeous!
    Get well soon!

  5. hope the flu goes away soon! those velvets look gorgeous :D

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