Color abounds!

I have been a busy, busy bee! A huge package came to the door the other day and what could it be? A nice big pile of gorgeous white velvet! SO exciting!

I cleaned off the dye table, sorted my dyes and prepared to do some more dyeing.

Right now as I sit here I have six lovely pieces of velvet and 9 floss colorways washing away in the machine. I cant wait to pull them out and see what magic has occured this time.

I love dyeing so much. I love how you can sorta predict what is going to happen...but you always get surprises. Some of them FANTASTIC surprises. Dye interacts completely different from paint and its such a wonderful surprise sometimes. Did you ever do that experiment when you were younger where you make a line on a papertowel with a black magic marker and then dip the end in water, watching the rainbow appear as the water wicks up to the top? That is much like the magic of dyeing!

So these last few days...and the next few also have been consumed with lots of color playing. I have to admit though...it's the perfect solution to the winter doldrums....how can you be anything but excited when your sitting next to this?

I also finished wrapping and photographing that last batch of floss and velvet. I have three new pieces of velvet listed on the shop and plan on listing some floss today or tomorrow. I haven't really had time to even slow down and think...but that's ok, I'm having fun!

Hope you all are having a fun and creative week also!
7 comments on "Color abounds!"
  1. gorgeous colors!! I love the sunny brightness of the yellow at the bottom of your pile. Good job.

  2. THank you both! These are actually my pieces that I already had done. They are sitting next to me on my work desk. The new ones are drying as I type =D

  3. Your blog is always such a great place to come for a color...

    I'm craving a nice big piece of white velvet myself. :)

  4. Vicki- I agree!
    Deb- how could anyone not?
    Jennifer- I thought that one was very pretty myself :)

  5. i've definitely been craving color these winter days as well. at least our winter's not been dreary and grey this year, but i'm ready for spring.