Back to Normal

My honey is home again and we spent two glorious days just being together. He came home with many prospects and we discussed them at length. We keep going back to the place in Oberhausbergen. Oberhausbergen is a small village adjacent to Strasbourg. The apartment is big. A large livingroom, seperate kitchen and two bedrooms. The one bedroom is a little odd shaped with an area that juts off at an angle on one side. A space big enough for a large bed and a nightstand but even better...a space large enough for my dye table and shelves. It would be perfect as it would still be in my studio but off to the side in it's own little space. The apartment also has a bathtub which is a big desire on my part and two balconys. It is in walking distance of the pharmacy, lab, post office, town hall and a tabac. It is also a very quaint little village with fields all around it. There are other fine apartments in town but this one seems to have our names on it. D contacted them today to let them know we are interested. The only problem we see at all is the fact that it has very old radiator heaters which the landlord had said he would considering replacing. If he decides not to we may go with our second choice...it is 100 euros cheaper but on the third floor, smaller and not as close to the post office and such. All in all I feel quite satisfied with his findings and know whichever we chose that it will be fine. He says the city is wonderful. The people were very friendly and polite and the place seems very interesting. I cant wait to see it!

In other news, I have started filling my cymberfloss shop with all the goodies I have been so hard at work making. I have added several velvet pieces and a lot of new floss. I still have many more items to add. This week I will be concentrating on adding items to the cymberrain shop. It has been poorly neglected and I have many things 'almost' finished that I intend on finishing this week.

I want everything finished and placed before the move. I would like to arrive in my new home with both shops stocked and no worries in that area. Maybe if I get enough done here when I arrrive there I can finally concentrate on my main love...just sitting and stitching something for the love of stitching.

I did get more work done on the paisley belt this week. The beading is almost complete and after that I just need to finish the middle of the two center paisleys. I do like this piece a lot and was happy I didnt lose steam on the second half. I usually hate repeat patterns but this time I enjoyed it. Especially doing the circles on the one paisleys. Arlee's Hoodoo Sky floss is such a wonderful colorway and I felt it set these off wonderfully!

Today I will take pictures of my two latest velvet experiments. I felt like they both came out great. I am so afraid to manipulate it too much as I dont want to put permanant creases into the velvet. These two pieces came out with no creases whatsoever. I have wanted to do some work with tied and sewn resists but I think if i do it will be on a very small scale to see how it affects the nap. I dont care how pleasing the pattern, if the surface of the fabric is defaced it takes some of the beauty away I believe. I will post pics of these last two tomorrow if I get a chance!
In the meantime, you all have a joyous creative week!
4 comments on "Back to Normal"
  1. What a wonderful piece, this paisley belt! And interesting prospects. -- What is so bad about the radiators? What energy source do they use?

  2. Yummy scrummy colours!....

    ..you have been having fun..

    Hope the move goes well.

    x Chris

  3. Everytime you move I get to visit another part of this big world ;-) Good luck and take a lot of photos! your floss and that belt are divine!

  4. Good Luck with your move Diane. It sounds like a beautiful place to make a new home.